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Democrat Leaders Admit, We have ‘No Economic Message’

By Onan Coca September 21, 2017

MSNBC must be reeling! Over the last few days a few powerful Democrats with loads of credibility within their Party have admitted; first, that they have no economic message, and second, that the Party should be working in good faith with the Trump administration.  On Tuesday, former Congressman Harold Ford (D-TN) appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe where he opined that the Democrats still haven’t learned their lesson, and that they still have no cohesive economic message to present to the American people..........To Read More.....


The Pope of Islam

Pope Francis welcomes to the Vatican the head of a Muslim group tied to the financing of jihad terror.

Robert Spencer September 22, 2017 34

As if he weren’t already committed enough to foolish false charity and willful ignorance regarding the jihad threat, Pope Francis on Wednesday met in the Vatican with Dr. Muhammad bin Abdul Karim Al-Issa, the secretary general of the Muslim World League (MWL), a group that has been linked to the financing of jihad terror.

During the meeting, al-Issa thanked the Pope for his “fair positions” on what he called the “false claims that link extremism and violence to Islam.” In other words, he thanked the Pope for dissembling about the motivating ideology of jihad terror, which his group has been accused of financing, and for defaming other religions in an effort to whitewash Islam.

I don’t object to the Pope’s meeting this man. After all, Jesus was a friend of tax collectors and sinners. But the meeting appears to have been a pointless feelgood session, probably featuring some sly dawah from al-Issa. According to Breitbart News, “the two men reportedly exchanged views on a number of ‘issues of common interest’ including peace and global harmony, and discussed cooperation on issues of peaceful coexistence and the spread of love.”.........To Read More....

My Take - The Pope is a lunatic.  It's beyond me how any Jesuit, with their apparently overated educations, can take the positions they take.  But based on that - it must now be apparent the Jesuits don't teach logic courses, history courses, Bible courses, courses on Islamic teaching, or even courses on Catholic dogma.  What exactly do they teach in Jesuit schools?  

Which of course brings us to the focal point of all of this.  Is it possible to be a Jesuit and a Catholic at the same time?  If not - does that make a modern Jesuit a heretic?  If that's so - and it appears it is - is the Pope, who is a Jesuit, a heretic? If that's so what's to be done about it by the faithful?   

Same Ol' Plame

Jim Geraghty

Making the click-through worthwhile: The mask slips from Valerie Plame, the media continues to treat unhinged political voices quite seriously, a cynical prediction on the health care debate, and a long-lost pop culture podcast returns!Don’t Lay the Plame on Me. If Valerie Plame always had a certain interest in anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, it would explain a few things, wouldn’t it?

Thursday’s controversy began with former CIA employee Plame tweeting out a link to an article headlined, "America's Jews Are Driving America's Wars." The article’s sub-headline asked, “Shouldn't they recuse themselves when dealing with the Middle East?” (Got that? If you are a particular religion, you should not deal with Middle East policy at all, because your religion will automatically skew your judgment. Good thing Christianity and Islam don’t have any ties to the Middle East, right? I guess the author would prefer that U.S. foreign policy in the region was managed by Scientologists.)

The article -- which I won’t link to, go find it yourself -- was pretty explicit in the insistence that Jews couldn’t be trusted to work on ............ To Read More....

Michigan Tolerates Faith-Based Adoption Agencies, the ACLU Sues

by Margot Cleveland September 21, 2017
The end game is to rid the public sector of religious organizations unless they capitulate to the LGBT agenda. Yesterday the American Civil Liberties Union filed suit in federal court against the State of Michigan on behalf of two homosexual couples, challenging Michigan’s law that allows child-placement agencies to offer foster and adoption services consistent with the organizations’ deeply held religious beliefs.
In Dumont v. Lyon, the ACLU cites Michigan’s “practice of allowing state-contracted, taxpayer-funded child placing agencies to disqualify prospective families headed by same-sex couples based on agencies’ religious beliefs.” That violates the establishment clause of the First Amendment and the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, the ACLU contends............Read more


Purported Civil Rights Leader Hurls Racist Insults at President Trump

By Andrew West September 22, 2017

The radical left has been hard at work in recent months attempting to paint our President as some sort of supreme bigot. This abhorrent campaign of lies began early in the 2016 presidential campaign, shortly after then-candidate Donald Trump began promising America that he would utilize a “big, beautiful wall” in securing our southern border.

The left immediately, and bizarrely, jumped to the conclusion that Trump was simply looking to bolster national security on account of his supposed hatred of foreigners. While this assertion is asinine on a thousand separate levels, one needn’t look much further than the President’s wife to find their diatribe debunked.

Still, the insults kept coming, and coming fast from the liberal lawmakers looking to delegitimize Trump, even long after he was administered the oath of office. Now, even democratic civil rights leaders are getting in on the act, misappropriating their own clout and petrifying their own pedigree to get a few cheap shots in at the President’s expense.

Representative John Lewis is just such an agitator, making inflammatory statements about the President at the Congressional Black Caucus Town Hall Meeting.......To Read More......

My Take - Civil Rights leader?  John Lewis is an anarchist and a disgrace.  He's been shown to say anything - whether it's true or not -  that will promote the idea anyone who opposes his vision is a racist.  Well, that would include any rational intelligent person on the planet.  He clearly deserves a seat on the Board of Directors of the Club For the Galacticly Stupid. 

Black Lives Matter’s Latest Stunt in St. Louis Has Stomachs Turning

By Andrew West September 21, 2017

There are no shortage of despicable actions by Black Lives Matter to be discussed during this time of fabricated racial upheaval in the United States. Should you find yourself in front of a television set anytime this week, you are likely to be bombarded with a bevy of talking heads speaking about the coming “race war”, or the prevalence of neo-Nazis on the streets of America.

 Certainly, these exaggerations have long been used to garner interest in the news, as 24-hour media outlets continue to incite anger and violence in order to sell advertising. Without conflict there is no entertainment. Without entertainment, there is no value in television programming. Without value, CNN and their liberal cohorts would surely perish. Now, taking a page from the liberal media’s playbook, the racist hate group Black Lives Matter is attempting to create chaos of their own in an attempt to keep themselves relevant...........To Read More.......

California Poised to Provide “Sanctuary” to Alien Criminals and Terrorists

Playing politics with national security and public safety

Michael Cutler September 22, 2017 9 

On September 18, 2017, roughly one week after the 16th anniversary of the terror attacks of September 11, 2001, the LA Times reported on California's "sanctuary state" bill-SB 54 that would ostensibly “expand protections for immigrants” by preventing officers from questioning and holding people on immigration violations.
To understand the ominousness of this measure, we must look back to the 9/11 Commission's official “9/11 and  Terrorist Travel” report, which focused on the multiple failures of the immigration system that enabled the 9/11 terrorists and other international terrorists to enter the United States and embed themselves as they went about their deadly preparations.  
This explicit paragraph explains how sanctuary policies that confound DHS efforts to enforce immigration laws undermines America’s counterterrorism operations:........To Read More....

California’s Vietnam War

For Golden State Democrats, some Asians are more equal than others.

Lloyd Billingsley September 22, 2017 15 

The Vietnam War, the ten-part, 18-hour documentary series by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick, is running on PBS. Thursday’s episode 5 showed the conflict on the brink of the Tet Offensive in 1968. Future episodes will deal with the withdrawal of U.S. forces in 1973, which paved the way for the victory of the Soviet-backed North Vietnamese Communists in 1975. One California state senator has considerable experience on that front.

The Communists changed the name of Saigon to Ho Chi Minh City and Janet Nguyen was born there in 1976. Her father was a South Vietnamese soldier and imprisoned when the family tried to escape. The Communists assassinated her uncle, a South Vietnamese Army officer, in front of his village and family.

The Nguyen family became part of the “boat people” exodus and made their way to Thailand. California governor Jerry Brown spearheaded an effort by high-profile Democrats to keep the refugees – even orphans – out of the United States.

Brown tried to block flights of refugees into Travis Air Force Base and said it was “a little strange” to bring in refugees when one million Californians were out of work. Rep. Elizabeth Holtzman of New York likewise pitted the refugees against her constituents. Rep Don Riegle of Michigan sought to bar funds for the refugees. Rep. Joshua Eilberg of Pennsylvania, chairman of a subcommittee on immigration, accused the Ford administration of acting “with unnecessary haste” in evacuation of the orphans. .............To Read More....

My Take - Brown is now and has always been a disgrace, right along with most of the residents of California.  They deserve him. 

Democrat Caught Using the “N-Word” In Ugly Tirade

By Onan Coca September 22, 2017

A Latino Democrat in Texas is under fire after he was recorded in the midst of a tirade against local black prosecutors. Brownsville City Commissioner Cesar De Leon can be heard on tape calling a pair of prosecutors “fu**ing N***ers.” This is what De Leon was heard saying: There are a couple of [F-word and N-word] that Luis Saenz is getting, and I don’t know where he is getting them from. They are coming down to my [F-word] city and now they are trying to [F-word] put everybody in jail because they think we are a bunch of Mexicans that hit our wives, which couldn’t be further from the [F-word] truth, but that is how they see us.........To Read More.....

Democrat Staffer Accused of Keeping Women as Virtual “Slaves”

By September 21, 2017 From the Daily Caller News Foundation:

Multiple women in relationships with Imran Awan, the indicted former IT aide for Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, have recently called Virginia law enforcement and alleged being abused by him, police reports obtained under Virginia’s Freedom of Information Act show.  Officers found one of the women bloodied and she told them she “just wanted to leave,” while the second said she felt like a “slave,” according to Fairfax County Police reports obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group. A third woman claimed she was being kept “in captivity".......To Read More.......

When Cotton and Pumpkins became Innately Racist

By Gary DeMar September 21, 2017

Pumpkins and cotton stalks are triggering some black people. Today’s blacks have come a long way, but not in the way you think. Their ancestors endured kidnapping at the hands of their own people, shackles, torturous cargo ships, whips, defacement, the forced breakup of the family, forced labor, lynching, Jim Crow laws, separate water fountains and bathroom facilities, and other demeaning actions.

There’s one thing I know. Previous generations of blacks would never have been triggered by pumpkins and cotton stalks.

If today’s young blacks want to be triggered by something, they should be triggered by how the government has used them for political gain at their expense. Walter Williams writes:..........We know everything is racist, and if you deny this truth, then you are, by definition, a racist. ..........To Read More.....

The FBI comes Calling… and Spying

By Adrian Vance September 22, 2017

The break-in by FBI agents of the Paul Manafort apartment in the Trump Tower, Manhattan should be prosecuted as an illegal entry and robbery with firearms, a very important embellishment in New York State.  No court order was issued or enforced.  This was a crime.

Where Mr. Manafort was not a suspect in a felony, the FBI action was totally inappropriate, disgusting and worthy only of Gestapo, SS or KGB thugs.  This is a clear indication of the way the “Establishment” wants to rule America.  These people are asking for a civil war on their terms.  Terms we must, and can, resist.  We must put an end to them and we can begin in 2018 by throwing every in out.  Every one…....To Read More...

Manafort-Trump Wiretaps: Worse Than Watergate!

Larry Klayman sounds alarm over surveillance by federal intel agencies
By Larry Klayman WND September 22, 2017
"This (Bush-Cheney) administration is the most secretive of our lifetime, even more secretive than the Nixon administration. They don't believe the American people or Congress have any right to information."

— Larry Klayman, chairman, Judicial Watch

This quote is taken from the first page of the book by former Nixon White House Counsel John Dean, entitled "Worse than Watergate," published by Brown Little and Company in 2004, three years after the tragedy of Sept. 11, 2001. While Dean was referring to the secretive conduct of the George W. Bush administration, and my observation at the time as head of Judicial Watch, that its conduct in processing Freedom of Information Act records requests was even more secretive than the administration of former President Richard M. Nixon, Dean, a converted leftist who hated W. along with the rest of his anti-conservative ilk, chose to quote me because it also had been revealed that Bush had ordered illegal warrantless wiretaps of millions of American citizens post 9/11, under the pretext of uncovering future terrorists.............Continue Reading.....
Obama-Clinton Wiretaps of Manafort and Trump Worse Than Watergate!
Klayman appears on Larry Elder show
Freedom Watch TV September 22, 2017

Comey’s Worst Fear Is Coming True, and There’s Nothing He Can Do to Stop It

Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Chuck Grassley announced Wednesday plans to subpoena two senior FBI officials to question them about former FBI Director James Comey, opening the door for even more incriminating information to be uncovered about him.

“We’ve got subpoenas at the Senate counsel office,” Grassley told CNN Wednesday, referencing the office responsible for drafting subpoenas. “When we get done there, I’m gonna have to consult with Sen. Feinstein.”

The top ranking Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, Sen. Diane Feinstein, has been working with Grassley to investigate President Donald Trump’s purported connections to Russia, as well as his termination of Comey four months ago......To Read More.....

Afghanistan’s President Stuns the Media by Explaining the Difference between Trump and Obama

By Onan Coca September 21, 2017

Earlier today, President Trump met with Ashraf Ghani, the President of Afghanistan. President Ghani spoke for several minutes offering words of praise and respect for the American military and the American people who have done so much to help stabilize the nation of Afghanistan over the last 15 years.

Ghani expressed thanks for all that the American people have sacrificed in our efforts to help his nation, and he also effusively praised President Trump for his commitment to Afghanistan. Ghani explained that since Trump had taken office the nature of the relationship between our two nations has changed dramatically, and for the better. He also said that the military in Afghanistan has been greatly encouraged by President Trump’s words and actions, and that Trump has had a tremendous impact on helping to right the ship in Afghanistan.........To Read More....

Has Trump Fundamentally Transformed the United Nations?

By Onan Coca September 20, 2017

The President delivered a rousing speech before the United Nations on Tuesday and it was one among a number of moments at the UN so far this week that have indicated that something is different.  Could it be that the Trump administration’s effects on the world have fundamentally transformed the United Nations? Has Ambassador Nikki Haley’s influence been powerful enough to shape a new direction for the global body? Has President Trump’s criticism forced the UN to reevaluate the nature of their mandate and guided them to recalibrate to the world as it is and not as they wish it would be?............To Read More.....


NBC Host Makes Snide Comment to O'Reilly. Bill Goes Nuclear on Live TV

Editor's Note:  I don't like Matt Lauer because I think he's a self absorbed arrogant snot. But I dislike Bill O'Reilly for the same reason.  Having said that, I don't usually post anything from Conservative Tribune news site because they consistently overstate what's being presented.  I thought Lauer asked the probing questions he needed to ask, and he pursued them respectfully yet pointedly. O'Reilly responded pointedly and did an excellent job, including avoiding the proving a negative trap.  I thought this was a well done interview and nothing inappropriate by either party, and no one went "nuclear on TV". 

Along with the headline, here's the way Conservative Tribune promoted this information.

Matt Lauer couldn't help but take a cheap shot at Bill O'Reilly... All he did was wake a sleeping giant.
Bill O’Reilly denied any wrongdoing when pressed by Lauer, but the NBC reporter kept pushing until he got a reaction............Read more…


Demographic Doom and the Welfare State

September 22, 2017 by Dan Mitchell @ International Liberty
The world’s best welfare state arguably is Finland.

Yes, the burden of government spending is enormous and the tax system is stifling, but the nation gets extremely high scores for rule of law and human liberty. Moreover, it is one of the world’s most laissez-faire economies when looking at areas other than fiscal policy.

Indeed, depending on who is doing the measuring, Finland ranks either slightly above or slightly below the United States when grading overall policy.

Yet even the best welfare state faces a grim future because of demographic change. Simply stated, redistribution programs only work if there is a sufficiently large supply of new taxpayers to finance promised handouts.

And that supply is running dry in Finland. Bloomberg reports that policymakers in that nation are waking up to the fact that there won’t be enough future taxpayers to finance the country’s extravagant welfare state.
Demographics are a concern across the developed world, of course. But they are particularly problematic for countries with a generous welfare state, since they endanger its long-term survival. …the Aktia Bank chief economist said in a telephone interview in Helsinki. “We have a large public sector and the system needs taxpayers in the future.” …According to the OECD, Finland already has the lowest ratio of youths to the working-age population in the Nordics. …And it also has the highest rate of old-age dependency in the region. …The situation is only likely to get worse, according to OECD projections.

Here are a couple of charts showing dramatic demographic changes in Nordic nations. The first chart shows the ratio of children to working-age adults.

And the second charts shows the population of old people (i.e., those most likely to receive money from the government) compared to the number of working-age adults.

As you can see, the numbers are grim now (green bar) but will get far worse by the middle of the century (the red and black bars) because the small number of children today translates into a small number of working-age adults in the future.

To be blunt, these numbers suggest that it’s just a matter of time before the fiscal crisis in Southern Europe spreads to Scandinavia.

Heck, it’s going to spread everywhere: Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia, the developing world, Japan and the United States.

Though it’s important to understand that demographic changes don’t necessarily trigger fiscal and economic problems. Hong Kong and Singapore have extremely low fertility rates, yet they don’t face big problems since they are not burdened by western-style welfare states.

By the way, the article also reveals that Finland’s government isn’t very effective at boosting birthrates, something that we already knew based on the failure of pro-natalist government schemes in nations such as Italy, Spain, Denmark, and Japan.

Though I’m amused that the reporter apparently thinks government handouts are a pro-parent policy and believes that more of the same will somehow have a positive effect.
Finland, a first-rate place in which to be a mother, has registered the lowest number of newborns in nearly 150 years. …the fertility rate should equal two per woman, Schauman says. It was projected at 1.57 in 2016, according to Statistics Finland. That’s a surprisingly low level, given the efforts made by the state to support parenthood. …Finland’s famous baby-boxes. Introduced in 1937, containers full of baby clothes and care products are delivered to expectant mothers, with the cardboard boxes doubling up as a makeshift cot. …Offering generous parental leave…doesn’t seem to be working either. …The government has been working with employers and trade unions to boost gender equality by making parental leave more flexible and the benefits system simpler.
Sigh, a bit of research would have shown that welfare states actually have a negative impact on fertility.

The bottom line is that entitlement reform is the only plausible way for Finland to solve this major economic threat.

P.S. Since the nation’s central bank has published research on the negative impact of excessive government spending, there are some Finns who understand what should be done.

Friday, September 22, 2017

The Wages of Borking

Posted on by Steven Hayward in Democrats, Judicial nominees, Supreme Court

This week marks the 30th anniversary of one of the turning points in modern American politics: the travesty of the Bork confirmation hearings. The “Borking” of Bork changed the rules of judicial appointments, and have poisoned judicial politics, ever since. It was a shameful moment because of the duplicity and hypocrisy of Democrats.

Several days before President Reagan announced Bork’s nomination to the Supreme Court, Howard Baker and Ed Meese met with Judiciary Committee chairman Joe Biden and Senate Majority Leader Robert Byrd to go through a list of possible nominees, and neither man indicated that Bork was unacceptable. Byrd said to a reporter when asked about Bork’s possible nomination: “I frankly think he would probably be confirmed,” and Byrd cautioned fellow Democrats that Bork’s nomination should not become “a litmus test of party affiliation and loyalty.”

Sen. Dennis DeConcini (D-AZ) said “I start with the assumption that the President has the right to appoint whom he wants.” Biden, never at a loss for words—even if they were someone else’s—had told a reporter in 1986: “Say the administration sends up Bork, and, after our investigation, he looks a lot like another Scalia. I’d have to vote for him, and if the groups tear me apart, that’s the medicine I’ll have to take.  "I’m not Ted Kennedy.”

But then came Ted Kennedy’s single most demagogic moment on the Senate floor:........To Read More.....

My Take - I remember the Bork hearings and listening to Ted Kennedy tell everyone Judge Bork was too extreme for the Supreme court.  Ted Kennedy calling some else extreme - can you imagine?  And the media and the left thought that was the height of brilliance and courage. Ted Kennedy was a disgrace!  He as a disgrace for all of his life.  His father was a disgrace and so were his brothers JFK and Bobby.

As the years go by his "legacy" will be exposed for what it was - the irrational rantings of a drunken murderer and an uncompromising promoter of infanticide who led a privileged life without having to face the consequences for his actions.  It was a disgrace for the Catholic Church to bury this man - an unrepentant heretic - in the Church.  But at some point - we all have to face real justice and so will they. 


Voter Fraud Evidence Is Emerging – And the Media Wants to Keep You in the Dark

Hans von Spakovsky September 21, 2017

If you have no idea what happened at the second meeting of President Donald Trump’s Advisory Commission on Election Integrity in New Hampshire on Sept. 12, I’m not surprised. Though a horde of reporters attended the meeting, almost all of the media stories that emerged from it simply repeated the progressive left’s mantra that the commission is a “sham.”.........To Read More....

Politicians in Washington Should Learn from Successful Tax Reform in North Carolina

September 21, 2017 by Dan Mitchell
Earlier this year, I pointed out that Trump and Republicans could learn a valuable lesson from Maine Governor Paul LePage on how to win a government shutdown.

Today, let’s look at a lesson from North Carolina on how to design and implement pro-growth tax policy.

In today’s Wall Street Journal, Senator Thom Tillis from the Tarheel State explains what happened when he helped enact a flat tax as Speaker of the State House.
In 2013, when I was speaker of the state House, North Carolina passed a serious tax-reform package. It was based on three simple principles: simplify the tax code, lower rates, and broaden the base. We replaced the progressive rate schedule for the personal income tax with a flat rate of 5.499%. That was a tax-rate cut for everyone, since the lowest bracket previously was 6%. We also increased the standard deduction for all tax filers and repealed the death tax. We lowered the 6.9% corporate income tax to 6% in 2014 and 5% in 2015. …North Carolina’s corporate tax fell to 3% in 2017 and is on track for 2.5% in 2019. We paid for this tax relief by expanding the tax base, closing loopholes, paring down spending, reducing the cost of entitlement programs, and eliminating “refundable” earned-income tax credits for people who pay no taxes.
Wow, good tax policy enabled by spending restraint. Exactly what I’ve been recommending for Washington.

Have these reforms generated good results?  The Senator says yes.
More than 350,000 jobs have been created, and the unemployment rate has been cut nearly in half. The state’s economy has jumped from one of the slowest growing in the country to one of the fastest growing.
What about tax revenue? Has the state government been starved of revenue?
…a well-mobilized opposition on the left stoked fears that tax reform would cause shrinking state revenues and require massive budget cuts. This argument has been proved wrong. State revenue has increased each year since tax reform was enacted, and budget surpluses of more than $400 million are the new norm. North Carolina lawmakers have wisely used these surpluses to cut tax rates even further for families and businesses.
Senator Tillis didn’t have specific details on tax collections in his column. I got suspicious that he might be hiding some unflattering numbers, so I went to the Census Bureau’s database on state government finances. But it turns out the Senator is guilty of underselling his state’s reform. Tax revenue has actually grown faster in the Tarheel State, compared the average of all other states (many of which have imposed big tax hikes).

Another example of the Laffer Curve in action.

And here’s a chart from North Carolina’s Office of State Budget and Management. As you can see, revenues are rising rather than falling.

By the way, I’m guessing that the small drop in 2014 and the big increase in 2015 were caused by taxpayers delaying income to take advantage of the new, friendlier tax system. We saw the same thing in the early 1980s when some taxpayer deferred income because of the multi-year phase-in of the Reagan tax cuts.

But I’m digressing. Let’s get back to North Carolina.

Here’s what the Tax Foundation wrote earlier this year.
After the most dramatic improvement in the Index’s history—from 41st to 11th in one year—North Carolina has continued to improve its tax structure, and now imposes the lowest-rate corporate income tax in the country at 4 percent, down from 5 percent the previous year. This rate cut improves the state from 6th to 4th on the corporate income tax component, the second-best ranking (after Utah) for any state that imposes a major corporate tax. (Six states forego corporate income taxes, but four of them impose economically distortive gross receipts taxes in their stead.) An individual income tax reduction, from 5.75 to 5.499 percent, is scheduled for 2017. At 11th overall, North Carolina trails only Indiana and Utah among states which do not forego any of the major tax types.
And in a column for Forbes, Patrick Gleason was even more effusive.
…the Republican-controlled North Carolina legislature enacted a new budget today that cuts the state’s personal and corporate income tax rates. Under this new budget, the state’s flat personal income tax rate will drop from 5.499 to 5.25% in January of 2019, and the corporate tax rate will fall from 3% to 2.5%, which represents a 16% reduction in one of the most harmful forms of taxation. …This new budget, which received bipartisan support from a three-fifths super-majority of state lawmakers, builds upon the Tar Heel State’s impressive record of pro-growth, rate-reducing tax reform. …It’s remarkable how much progress North Carolina has made in improving its business tax climate in recent years, going from having one of the worst businesses tax climates in the country (ranked 44th), to one of the best today (now 11th best according to the non-partisan Tax Foundation).
Most importantly, state lawmakers put the brakes on spending, thus making the tax reforms more political and economically durable and successful.
Since they began cutting taxes in 2013, North Carolina legislators have kept annual increases in state spending below the rate of population growth and inflation. As a result, at the same time North Carolina taxpayers have been allowed to keep billions more of their hard-earned income, the state has experienced repeated budget surpluses. As they did in 2015, North Carolina legislators are once again returning surplus dollars back to taxpayers with the personal and corporate income tax rate cuts included in the state’s new budget.
Last but not least, I can’t resist sharing this 2016 editorial from the Charlotte Observer. If nothing else, the headline is an amusing reminder that journalists have a hard time understanding that higher tax rates don’t necessarily mean more revenue and that lower tax rates don’t automatically lead to less revenue.
A curious trend you might have noticed of late: North Carolina’s leaders keep cutting taxes, yet the state keeps taking in more money. We saw it happen last year, when the state found itself with a $400 million surplus, despite big cuts in personal and corporate tax rates. …Now comes word that in the first six months of the 2016 budget year (July to December), the state has taken in $588 million more than it did in the same period the previous year. …the overall surge in tax receipts certainly shouldn’t go unnoticed, especially since most of the increased collections for the 2016 cycle so far come from higher individual income tax receipts. They’re up $489 million, 10 percent above the same period of the prior year.
Though the opinion writers in Charlotte shouldn’t feel too bad. Their counterparts at the Washington Post and Wall Street Journal have made the same mistake. As did a Connecticut TV station.

P.S. My leftist friends doubtlessly will cite Kansas as a counter-example to North Carolina. According the narrative, tax cuts failed and were repealed by a Republican legislature. I did a thorough analysis of what happened in the Sunflower State earlier this year. I pointed out that tax cuts are hard to sustain without some degree of spending restraint, but also noted that the net effect of Brownback’s tenure is a permanent reduction in the tax burden. If that’s a win for the left, I hope for similar losses in Washington. It’s also worth comparing income growth in Kansas, California, and Texas if you want to figure out what tax policies are good for ordinary people.

Irma illusions – and realities

If human emissions made Irma worse, did they also bring the 12-year lull in Cat 4-5 hurricanes?

Paul Driessen

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma brought out the best in us. Millions of Americans are giving money, toil and sweat to help victims rebuild. Unfortunately, the storms also highlighted some people’s baser instincts.

Some advanced ideological commitments to campaigns to “keep fossil fuels in the ground,” raise energy costs and reduce living standards. Others hyped Harvey’s record rainfalls, claiming carbon dioxide emissions made the Gulf of Mexico warmer and its air more moisture-laden. A few were just obnoxious.

These storms are a product of “this administration’s climate denial, racism and callousness,” activist Jenny Marienau fumed. “How many once-in-a-lifetime storms will it take, until everyone admits manmade climate change is real?!” Daily Show comedian Trevor Noah fulminated.

Perhaps these newly minted “experts” received mail-order degrees in climatology or meteorology – or recently stayed at a Holiday Inn Express.  They should at least take a few minutes to review hurricane and climate history, and talk to real climatologists and meteorologists, before launching tirades.

My geology, ecology and other studies taught me that climate change has been “real” throughout history. I’ve learned to be humble, respectful and vigilant in the face of nature’s power; to recognize that climate shifts can range from beneficial or benign to harmful or unbelievably destructive; and to understand that the sun and other powerful natural forces totally dwarf whatever meager powers humans might muster to alter or control Earth’s climate and weather.

Harvey marked the end of a record 12-year absence of Category 3-5 hurricanes hitting the US mainland. The previous 8-year record was set 1860-1869. NOAA’s Hurricane Research Division counts ten Category 4-5 monsters 1920-1969 (50 years) hitting the USA, but only three 1970-2016 (46 years). This year has brought two more, and the hurricane season isn’t over yet.

If Harvey and Irma were caused or intensified by human greenhouse gas emissions, shouldn’t those gases be credited for the 12-year lull and half-century decline in Cat 4-5 landfalling storms? For Irma’s changed intensity and route as it reached Florida and headed north? Certainly not.

If fossil fuels caused Harvey’s rainfall, were previous deluges like Hurricane Easy (45 inches in Florida, 1950), Tropical Cyclone Amelia (48 inches in Texas, 1978) and Tropical Storm Claudette (a record 43 inches in 24 hours on Alvin, Texas, 1979) the result of lower fossil fuel use back then? Highly unlikely.

Indeed, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) concludes that neither the frequency of North Atlantic tropical storms and hurricanes, nor their energy level, has displayed any trend since 1950. Despite slightly warmer ocean waters in some regions, global Accumulated Cyclone Energy (ACE) levels in recent years have been at their lowest levels since the late 1970s.

When the Pacific Decadal Oscillation is in its cyclical positive phase, the tropics, west coast of North America and our Earth overall get warmer; cooling occurs during the PDO’s negative phase. The Atlantic Multi-decadal Oscillation (AMO) also cycles between warm and cool phases, affecting regional and planetary temperatures, as well as hurricane formation, strength and duration.

Any link between hurricanes and human carbon dioxide/greenhouse gas emissions is nebulous, tenuous and very poorly understood at this time. Asserted links to recent hurricanes are ideological illusions.

Hurricane Irma remained symmetrical and grew in size and intensity into the massive Category 5 hurricane seen in satellite photos, because it remained over warm water for a week as it crossed the Atlantic and Caribbean – and was not pulled apart by mid-altitude wind sheer – weather experts explained. Its encounter with Cuba’s coastal lands and mountains finally reduced its wind speeds and disrupted its symmetry.

Over Florida, strong north-to-south winds high in the atmosphere clipped the top off the hurricane. That further disturbed Irma’s shape and intensity, and steered the storm westward as it traveled north up the Citrus State. As is usually the case with storms moving north over Florida and parallel to its west coast, Irma’s front wall began to pull in both drier air and upwelling water. The bigger the storm the more it does this, WeatherBELL Analytics chief forecaster Joe Bastardi explained.

All these factor combined to slow whirling winds in the storm’s eyewall still more. It began wobbling on its axis, and Irma gradually became a disorganized tropical storm after it pounded Fort Meyers.

As to Hurricane Harvey, consulting meteorologist Joe D’Aleo notes that “hurricanes entering Texas are almost always very wet and often stall or meander.” This year, a large cool trough trapped Harvey and kept it from moving inland, enabling the Gulf of Mexico to feed it trillions of gallons of water for days, said Bastardi. It was “an unusual confluence of events,” said Weather Channel founder John Coleman, “but it was certainly not unprecedented.”

If there was a “human factor” in Harvey and Irma, climate alarmists need to explain exactly where it was, how big it was and what role it played. They must present hard evidence to show that fossil fuels and carbon dioxide emissions played a significant role amid, and compared to, the hundreds of natural forces involved in these storms. Their loud rhetoric only highlights their failure and inability to do so.

In fact, the Atlantic, Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico are warm enough every summer to produce major hurricanes, says climatologist Dr. Roy Spencer. But you also need other conditions, whose origins and mechanisms are still unknown: pre-existing cyclonic circulation off the African coast, upper atmospheric calm, sea surface temperatures that change on a cyclical basis in various regions, to name just a few.

The combination of all these factors – plus weather fronts and land masses along the way – determines whether a hurricane arises, how strong it gets, how long it lasts, and what track it follows.

Damage from hurricanes has certainly increased over the years. But that is because far more people now live and work in far more expensive communities along America’s Atlantic and Gulf coasts. Since 1920, Greater Houston has grown from 138,000 people to 5.7 million; Miami from 43,000 to 6.1 million; Tampa from 50,000 to 3 million.

Meanwhile, death tolls have declined – at least in countries where fossil fuels, highways and modern technologies enable us to construct stronger buildings, track storms, warn, evacuate and rescue people, and bring in water, food, clothing, and materials to rebuild power lines and buildings in stricken areas.

Over 6,000 people perished in the 1900 Category 4 Galveston Hurricane, 2,500 in the 1928 Okeechobee, Florida Category 4 hurricane and storm surge. More than 1,800 died in Katrina (Category 3), due largely to corrupt and incompetent local and state governments.

Thanks to better preparation, warning and evacuation, overall tragic deaths were kept to 82 from Harvey and 93 from Irma. Incredibly, despite the vicious 185-mph winds that reduced most of Anguilla and Barbuda to rubble, Irma killed only one person on those Caribbean islands.

Even in recent years, cyclones and hurricanes have brought far more death and destruction to poor nations where modern energy and technology are still limited or nonexistent: 400,000 dead in Bangladesh in 1970, 138,000 in Myanmar in 2008, and 19,000 from Hurricane Mitch in Central America in 1998.

It may be fashionable to focus on alleged “social costs of carbon” and asserted fossil fuel contributions to extreme weather events. But it is essential that we never forget the enormous benefits these fuels bring.

Our Earth is a complex, wondrous, resilient planet. But it can unleash incredible fury. Wealthy, technologically advanced nations fueled by oil, natural gas, coal and nuclear power are far better able to avoid, survive and recover from those disasters. We must count our blessings, but always be prepared.

Paul Driessen is senior policy analyst for the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow (, and author of Eco-Imperialism: Green power - Black death and other books on the environment.

North Korea claims sanctions threatens the survival of their children

All the world wants is for them to behave like a member of a civilized society.

September 21, 2017

Han Tae Song, Pyongyang’s ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva, took advantage of a hearing by a UN committee on children to whine about how sanctions "seriously threaten" the health and well being of North Korea's children. What's ironic about the ambassador's warning is that the hearing he was testifying at was held to look into independent allegations of forced child labor, sexual abuse and trafficking in North Korea. Reuters: Han said North Korea, whose population is 26 million, is a “people-centered socialist country... where protection and promotion of the rights and welfare of the child are given top priority ... There is room for improvement.” But Han said that new sanctions imposed by the United States and the U.N. Security Council over North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic missile tests were hampering the production of nutritional goods for children and provision of textbooks. More

My Take - N. Korean leadership has been starving their people since 1948, and now their concerned.  Right! 

Will Government Union Gravy Train Come to an End?

Trey Kovacs  September 20, 2017

No worker should be forced to financially support an organization against his or her will. For too long, government employee unions have possessed the power to compel workers to pay for representation they may not want.

But that could change soon. Next week, the U.S. Supreme Court could decide to hear a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of compulsory union dues among public sector workers.
The lawsuit, Janus v. American Federation State, County, and Municipal Employees, Council 31, challenges, on First Amendment grounds, the validity of “agency fees,” which require non-union public employees to pay fees to an exclusive representative—the union. The plaintiffs argue that laws forcing public employees to subsidize the speech of a third-party union to speak and contract with government over work conditions, pay, and benefits infringes on public employees’ First Amendment rights of free speech......To Read More.....

Explaining the Narcissistic Rage of the Left

The real-time destruction of the left 

Pennel Bird

How to account for the scorched-earth hatred of Donald Trump?  He inspires a darkly fanatical dislike, disapproval, and disgust in his most ardent detractors. He is a distillation for millions of unhappy Americans of all things repugnant, repulsive, and wretched. The fever pitch at which he has been mocked, ridiculed, condemned, and threatened is beyond anything anyone in living memory has been subject to – let alone a sitting American president. From Colbert's "holster" to Madonna's fantasy of blowing up the White House to Kathy Griffin's decapitation stunt, and De Niro's thug life wish to "punch him in the face," the gloves are most certainly off – if only to better grasp a bludgeon. And that's just the celebrities. Even a state senator from Missouri hoped for Trump's assassination on Facebook. Why such unabated arch-loathing?..........To Read More

Leftist Global Warming Mythology

Bruce Walker

Why does the left love its silly theory of man-made global warming? The left's response to the natural disasters in Florida was to raise again the bogeyman of man-made global warming. The left blames every natural disaster or significant change in weather on man-made global warming. So if the weather is unseasonably hot, man-made global warming is the culprit, but if the weather is unseasonably cold, the man-made global warming is to blame as well. The "science" of the left simply plugs in man-made global warming to every natural disaster or significant change in the weather.........This is anti-science in its purest form. Totalitarianism – and the left is utterly totalitarian – always claims to base its actions upon "science." So the Nazis insisted and persuaded many scientists involved in genetics, psychology, biology, and so forth to agree with Nazi racial policies as "scientific," and almost everything that happened was accounted for by the Nazis as part of racial "science." So the Soviets coerced all scientists to accept as an overarching "science" Marxism, and so geneticists and physicists were sent to the Gulag or worse if their scientific discoveries conflicted with Marxist "science.".............To Read More

AG Sessions Must Resign or Do His Job

Do we have a Justice Department or not?
Jeff Sessions has dropped the ball big-time.
By J. Marsolo
During the past few weeks, we have confirmed what we suspected.  The Comey investigation of the Hillary email "matter" was a sham.  We knew that Comey did not call for a grand jury, did not issue subpoenas, and granted immunity to most of Hillary's pals.  Loretta Lynch told Comey to use the word "matter" instead of "investigation," and Lynch met with Bill Clinton days before the FBI questioned Hillary.  But now we know that Comey wrote the exoneration letter before he interviewed Hillary and before he completed the sham investigation.  Now we know why Comey did not put Hillary under oath when questioned.  There was no point to it, since he had already decided to give her a pass.  And not putting her under oath saved the additional problem that Hillary would naturally lie under oath, which would have required Comey to explain that Hillary lying under oath to the FBI was done without intent.  Now we know that Trump was correct.............Read more

They were convinced Hillary was going to win and protect them
 By Silvio Canto, Jr. September 22, 2017
Another day and another round of stories about unmasking. The latest story is about Samantha Power, UN representative under President Obama: Former United Nations Ambassador Samantha Power will become the latest Obama-era official to meet with congressional investigators probing a vastly different side of the Russian election meddling story, the possibility the previous White House spied on Trump campaign and transition personnel, when she gives private testimony Friday before a congressional panel. Earlier this year the House intelligence committee issued subpoenas to the CIA, FBI and NSA, seeking details related to alleged requests to “unmask” the identities of Trump associates swept up in U.S. surveillance operations against foreign intelligence targets. Let's not jump to conclusions but it smells funny, as my little sister used to say. Were these inquiries about U.S. citizens legitimate in the context of national security? or.............  Read more:

AG Sessions: Justice reformer or justice feeb?
Is former senator Jeff Sessions actually fit to run the Justice Department?
By James Tygart
He's a feeb. Sorry, but it has to be said. We're all thinking it. Why waste any more time with this disastrous mediocrity? Like some bizarro-world opposite of the courageous little Dutch boy standing up to the weight of an ocean with a firm finger in a dyke, this anti-charismatic Washington feeb can't muster enough conviction to withdraw his finger from the dyke of lies and old-boy swampism that's for years protected the most notorious group of political gangsters ever to tread upon the Constitution. And via carefully proscribed special prosecutors (anti-Muellers), subpoenas, and systematic under-oath interviews, what an oceanic, cleansing justice it could be. Accountability at last: ............ Read more

Gregg Jarrett: Sessions should resign, but not before taking action against Clinton, Comey and Rice
By Gregg Jarrett, Fox News 

Jeff Sessions should never have accepted the position of Attorney General of the United States.  His leadership has proven unproductive and ineffectual.  There are two reasons for this.  First, he deceived President Trump by concealing his intent to recuse himself from the federal investigation into Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election.  Hours after he was sworn in, Sessions began setting his recusal in motion by meeting with Department of Justice officials to discuss stepping aside from the probe.  Failing to disclose such a material matter to the president was an egregious betrayal.

Trump was reportedly disgusted and angry with Sessions when he learned of the recusal – rightly so.  “If he was going to recuse himself, he should have told me prior to taking office, and I would have picked someone else,” said Trump at a news conference.  The president was entitled to know the truth, but Sessions actively hid it from him.  Sessions’ deception deprived him of Trump’s confidence and trust which are essential to the job of Attorney General.  This ethical impropriety renders him unfit to serve.

Second, Sessions appears either incapable or incompetent.  He has resisted producing the documents relevant to the anti-Trump dossier which were subpoenaed by the House Intelligence Committee.  He has failed to appoint a special counsel to reopen the case against Hillary Clinton for likely violations of the Espionage Act in the use of her email server, obstruction of justice for destroying 33,000 emails under congressional subpoena, and potential self-dealing for profit through her foundation............. To Read More.... 

AG Sessions Must Resign or Do His Job
Freedom Watch TV September 18, 2017
By  Monday, 18 Sep 2017 Current | Bio | Archive
Jeff Sessions, our current attorney general, is a nice man who I call Jeff as he calls me Larry...........
But when it comes to Jeff and his predicament, I have to put my regional and political ideologies aside and talk straight. Simply put, the man has not done his job; nor has he implemented what he has done in an intelligent manner, having been indirectly responsible for the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.............If Jeff is not willing to put his own personal and professional interests aside — and he shows no inclination to do so — he must do what is best for the nation and simply step down as attorney general? Given his refusal to even entertain a review of the Sheriff Joe Apraio and Cliven Bundy political prosecutions commenced by his predecessor Loretta Lynch under watchful eye of and obvious direction of President Obama, which I requested before President Trump, who apparently requested the same thing but was also shown the back of Jeff’s timid hand, had to step in and pardon the sheriff, this “litmus test of cowardice” tells the tale............Attorney General Jeff Sessions has become an ineffective Republican establishment elephant and while this is sad, it's time for him to go.............To Read More....

Mueller must be removed, disbarred, prosecuted
by Larry Klayman
As a former prosecutor of the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), founder of Judicial Watch and now Freedom Watch, and its current general counsel and chairman, I filed a complaint Monday before the Office of Professional Responsibility and Inspector General of the DOJ, demanding an investigation and the eventual removal and prosecution of Special Counsel Robert Mueller for his and his conflicted staff – which are Democrat/Clinton political campaign donors and supporters in large part – having illegally leaked grand jury information to harm President Trump, his family and former and present colleagues.  The Justice Department’s Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) and Inspector General (IG) are charged with investigating and remedying unethical and illegal behavior by the special counsel, his office and other DOJ lawyers and staff. Special Counsel Mueller derives his authority and powers from the DOJ, as he was appointed by Deputy Attorney General (DAG) Rod Rosenstein – not coincidentally a closet Democrat and President Barack Obama’s former U.S. attorney for the District of Maryland. Attorney General Jeff Sessions must have been smoking his “hated” marijuana, or been high or drunk on something else, when he chose Rosenstein as his No. 2. A worse and more stupid choice could not have been made!..............Read more

Here's More Evidence Team Hillary Tried to Destroy
 New York Post September 18, 2017Something else happened the week of Hillary Clinton's book launch: the release of more "lost" emails that further highlight her corrupt ways.  The watchdogs at Judicial Watch shared 1,600 fresh emails released thanks to their Freedom of Information lawsuits — missives that Clinton & Co. failed to turn over from her private servers, but which the feds recovered from other sources.  Continue Reading.....
Samantha Power, a U.S. ambassador to the United Nations under former President Barack Obama, put in more than 260 unmasking requests regarding intelligence reports last year — and submitted others just days before President Donald Trump was inaugurated.  Fox News reported Wednesday that Power's rate of unmasking requests was more than one per day of the work week. Many of those requests reportedly occurred in the latter part of 2016.  Continue Reading.....

Klayman: Obama and His Minions Illegally Surveilled and the Sessions Justice Department Doesn't Have the Guts to Prosecute!

Lois Lerner and Non-Conspiracy Conspiracy
By Tadas Klimas
On Friday, September 8, 2017 -- just before the weekend -- the DOJ announced that it would not prosecute Lois Lerner for her part in the IRS-Tea Party scandal. Evidence of Lerner's guilt is overwhelming. As Peter Roskam (R, Il), chairman of the House Tax policy subcommittee, stated in response to the DOJ's declination, The decision not to prosecute Lois Lerner is a miscarriage of justice. On top of Ms. Lerner’s actions against taxpayers -- denying tax-exempt status to groups for political gain and failing to protect taxpayer information -- the Department’s response blatantly ignores our most troubling finding: that Ms. Lerner intentionally misled federal investigators in a flagrant violation of the law. This is unacceptable and Ms. Lerner must be held accountable. Our democracy is injured when those who taxpayers entrust with great authority ignore the law to advance their own political agenda without repercussion. Yet the DOJ letter, signed by a Stephen E. Boyd, claims that after having reviewed the matter, that "reopening the investigation would not be appropriate based on the available evidence," specifically focusing on the lack of evidence of intent to discriminate.......... Read more:

My Take - As you read this ask yourself:  What exactly did he say?  I'm not sure what the author is promoting and I'm not sure he does either, but I'm posting it because is shows how difficult it is for sanity to infiltrate the swamp.  It's clear the Justice Department and the IRS discriminated against conservatives and favored liberals.  It's clear they performed illegal acts.  It's clear the current set up at the Justice Department isn't much better and possibly just as bad.  If Lerner had noting to hide why did she hide behind the 5th amendment?  Why did they let her get away with this since she had already testified in her own behalf by making a statement under oath, which precluded any future claim of 5th amendment protection.  At least that's the way I see it.  If someone else has a different take on this please post it. But I think something really stinks.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Did GMO connection prompt Gates Foundation to halt support for corn-aflatoxin breakthrough?


The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is famous worldwide for using its $37 billion in assets to deliver vaccines, treat HIV, improve health for the world’s very poor, encourage sustainable farming and fund medical research.

But is the world’s largest private foundation backing away from certain advances involving genetic modification of food? Monica Schmidt, a plant scientist at the University of Arizona, has been studying the ability of “interference RNA” (RNAi) to switch off the production of aflatoxin, a persistent and hazardous toxin, in corn. Her work has shown a great deal of success—an earlier study showed RNAi shut down all corn aflatoxin—but the Gates Foundation turned down her proposal for a grant.

Why?..........To Read More....

 My Take - This is an excellent example of how irrational, misanthropic and morally defective is the green movement and their infiltration into science and policy making.  Bill Gates should be ashamed of himself.  What would be the results of the Gates Foundation making a public announcement they were going to support GMO research and implementation?  They'd be attacked even more voraciously than the left attacks Trump.  Marcus Aurelius once said, “The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.”  It looks like it's too late for that.

Science and the Offspring of Vipers

By Rich Kozlovich

(Editor's Note:  As I've watched this latest round of claims, accusations, assertions and outright clabber from the Global Warming crowd regarding the cause of the hurricanes hitting the nation, and the anti-GMO misanthropes I decided to republish this article to help establish just how much corruption is a part of "science" today, and how it occured.  The term scientific integrity is now become an oxymoron.  RK)

On October 23, 2016 Alex Berezow posted this article, PC Mafia's Hit on Science Education, on The American Council On Science and Health (ACSH) website saying one of the scientific advisers to ASCH, "David Seidemann, a geology professor at Brooklyn College....was placed on a hit list by the academic PC mafia." What was his alleged misconduct? Hard to tell, because "the nature of his misconduct and the identity of his accusers -- even the existence of the investigation itself -- were withheld from him." In fact the author states "His chief inquisitor said there were no written records and denied that an investigation ever took place."

Apparently, he outrageously took the position "This classroom is an 'unsafe space' for those uncomfortable with viewpoints with which they may disagree: all constitutionally protected speech is welcome" - and worse yet - "he wanted to reward some students for effort," [which] "was interpreted by the administration as possible sexual harassment."

Have we lost our minds? Yes!!!!

When Adolph Hitler was in power in Germany every discipline had to have a "race" component. According to Shirer's Rise and Fall of the Third Reich a well-known mathematician of that era stated there was no way you could separate race from math. Really? Why? What was the logical foundation for that statement? There is none, but it was politically correct, so who cares about logic? What about sanity? Who cares about sanity when the body politic is insane? Marcus Aurelius once said, “The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.”

Leftists have controlled the institutions of "higher learning" for decades and political correctness still infests their hallowed halls, just as it did in Nazi Germany. The author demonstrates this by saying:

"An entire subdiscipline of geology is under assault by feminists who believe that glaciology (i.e., the study of glaciers) must be reanalyzed within a "feminist glaciology framework" in hopes that it will lead to "more just and equitable science and human-ice interactions." Feminists are also attacking neuroscientists, some of whom are afraid to discuss their research on the biological differences between men and women."

Geology has a "feminist" framework? Really? Is that like mathematics and race can't be separated? The insanity increases like a geometric problem as the author points out:

"Feminist philosopher Sandra Harding referred to the laws of motion as "Newton's rape manual." "Postmodernists are busy undermining the scientific method as a whole. Without a doubt, such relativism and political correctness are holding back science."

He goes on to say:

The most perverse thing about all of this is that the burden is now upon scientists to prove that they aren't patriarchal, sexist, racist, chemical-pushing, Monsanto-pleasing, animal killers. It is simply assumed that they are unless they can provide evidence that they are not.

In other words, they're required to prove a negative, which is impossible. This insanity falls into the lap of the scientific community itself.

Most scientists have personalities that are not conducive to being the rock in the current. They just want to do their research and be left alone. Furthermore, PhD's are much like military officers. They rise in the ranks by going along to get along. Show me an officer who told his superiors they were wrong - and proved it - and I will show you a career junior officer. Show me an academic going for his doctorate who tells his professors their theories are all wrong and has a dissertation clearly demonstrating it - and I will show you someone who will have to be in love with a master’s degree.

This pattern repeats over and over again. During the years Stalin was slaughtering his people in the Soviet Union with his insane agricultural policies one scientist became his favorite, Trofim Denisovich Lysenko.

Lysenko believed that “amassing of evidence was substituted for casual proof as the means demonstrating the “correctness” of the underlying hypotheses” and those who failed to conform to the tenets of the new biology could be silenced or suppressed as enemies of the truth. It also did not concern him if his followers “manipulated” somewhat their data or their experimental results, since minor falsifications could still support the ideological cause, which represented a higher level of truth than the precise reporting of facts”, and for almost 30 years some of the finest minds in Russian biology either “became infected with....[the] madness” or “converted” to it. Many if not most scientists in America are now converts to the insanity because the holy grail of science is no longer truth but grant money.

In Russia, “scientists, who were skeptical, were threatened with loss of their working and publishing opportunities if they did not conform to these views. As a result, they were forced to adjust the direction of their research or to contribute some kind of work which was in accord with the Stalinist ideology.” Some got around this by publishing entirely in Latin …of which the commissars were ignorant. Some refused to bend to the madness of the new biological ideology at all, and were permanently silenced.

We don't send people to gulags or execute them out of hand for having differing scientific views but those who don't accept the "consensus" have been silenced or suppressed as enemies of the truth, and have been threatened with loss of their working and publishing opportunities if they did not conform to the acceptable politically correct standards of "the higher truth".

The left still demands total obedience and obeisance no matter how insane their positions may be. Stalin and his favorite scientists caused millions to starve to death, and no one dared complain! One New York Times reporter, Walter Duranty won a Pulitzer Prize for lying about Stalin's atrocities claiming no one was starving Russia.

Yes, the media is part and parcel of this outrage, and have been since they were infiltrated and infested with communists and Stalinist agents starting in the 20's. And yes - I might as well really tick someone off - Joe McCarthy was right! Also, McCarthy didn't go after Hollywood! That was done by the House Committee on Un-American Activities - and that was run by the Democrats. And we also know along with government and Hollywood, these agents infested the unions, academia, newspapers and radio.

His numbers may have been off, but the administration of FDR was totally infested with communist agents including the OSS, which became the CIA, and they continued on for years after FDR was dead and gone, and Truman refused to accept that fact, even after he was briefed about the Venona intercepts. Both he and Eisenhower attacked McCarthy, and I believe they were trying to cover up their own lack of courage.

In 1995 the Venona intercepts, (More here and especially here ) which was "an American government effort from 1943-1980 to decrypt coded messages by intelligence forces of the Soviet Union." There are still a large number of code names of agents they can't identify. And yes....the Rosenberg’s were guilty as sin and the Venona intercepts proved it, and Harry Dexter White, Alger Hiss and Lauchlin Currie were also (all senior people in FDR's administration) Soviet agents.

"There was not a single agency of the American government that Soviet espionage had not infiltrated, and it stole the secrets of many other organizations concerned with national security. No modern government was more thoroughly penetrated."

Well, it's time honest scientists organized, stood up on their hind legs and started suing these misfits of academia, science, sanity and reality, otherwise they may find out this nation will become a scientific gulag. The Soviet Union and their viperous agents may be gone, but these misfits in academia are the offspring of vipers, and they're just as deadly in their desires and intentions as was Stalin was to destroy the United States, one institution at a time.